Friday, 29 April 2011

iPhone 4 White 16GB

Well, I finally got it...not actually in my hand now...but I ordered it... I finally caved and got the iPhone 4 White 16GB.  I can't wait for it actually.  I ordered it and it should be here in a couple of weeks.  I am kinda excited with this new toy.  I really don't know the difference with the white and the black iPhone 4... is it just the color of the phone that is the only difference?  Enlighten me please...


  1. Patrick from sw-box, you asked me how to add blogroll. It's easy, just add the link to in your right or left sidebar, I added yours already.Could you add me back? Thanks.

  2. This is the message that I get when I tried to add your link... is this suppoed to be the way to add you on my side bar? Sorry, I am not that good at this, but I will add it... just need to know how... Thanks..

    "We are sorry, this gadget appears to be broken.

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