Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I got my white iPhone 4 yesterday...

I got the iPhone 4 yesterday but I was a little disappointed.  But I am not sure if I am disappointed with the iPhone or my service provider's SIM Card.  After I did the initial setup for the iPhone 4, I inserted the micro SIM card.  I turned on the iPhone 4 and it says "no service".  So I thought I had to register the micro SIM card, which was exactly what I tried to do.  I called the company, FIDO, and they told me that the micro SIM card has been activated.  So I explained to the customer service representative of FIDO that I had already inserted the micro SIM card but the iPhone 4 and it still says, "no service".  He tried to help me and put me on hold several times.  He asked me to try several things to the iPhone 4 but nothing seemed to work.  So the next thing is the Customer Service representative of FIDO asked me to bring my phone in to an APPLE store to check with them to see if the problem is with the micro SIM card or the iPhone 4.  Mind you, I just got the iPhone out of the box.  So that made me unhappy that FIDO wants me to take my precious time to do the research on their behalf.  So I go, "why don't you just send me a new Micro SIM card?".  Then he says he wanted to charge me $10.00 for the micro SIM card.  So that got me even hotter.  I only just took the iPhone 4 and the micro SIM out of the box???  Hellooooo... and now you want to charge me for the micro SIM card???  How difficult is it to get things to work???  So my plan right now is to return the iPhone 4 and the micro SIM card back to FIDO and just cancel my renewal.  Just not worth my time.

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